Monday, October 24, 2011

Elegant Pumpkin Project Tutorial

Looking for a unique change from the traditional carved orange pumpkin?  How about giving these elegant creamy white pumpkins a try? They definitely stand out among the orange and black of the Halloween season and their neutral color makes them a perfect canvas for decorating with black transfers for a beautiful and dramatic affect…and a great way to avoid the mess and clean-up of pumpkin carving! Group them together or just use one for an elegant table centerpiece or place them wherever you want to add a touch Halloween charm.

Follow these easy steps to create your own Elegant Pumpkins:
(Note: Since the small size of the tiny pumpkins makes it difficult to apply transfers, I usually just decorate them with smaller art such as the spiders and add my own black Sharpie designs. Polka dots work well)

Gather supplies: White Pumpkins (large and small sizes), Avery #4383 Clear Sticker Paper, Ink Jet Printer, Scissors or craft knife, black Sharpie, ribbons, buttons, jewels, spiders, etc. Optional: spray adhesive 

Create the transfers: For this project I’ve used Halloween transfer art from Anna Aspnes DesignsArtPlay Palette Wicked (lady, Wicked WordArt, spider art) and ArtPlay Palette Monster Treats (spider). Open your art in the program of your choice. I use a photo editing program but a Word doc would work just as well. Size the art to fit your pumpkins and print, following the instructions for your printer.

Apply transfers to pumpkins: Trim each design as close as possible using scissors or craft knife. Peel backing and apply to pumpkin. I find that adding a little spray adhesive after trimming and before applying transfer to pumpkin is very helpful. 

Decorate: Using ribbons, jewels or buttons decorate your little creations to add extra charm. The possibilities are endless.

Document your decor: Take a photo of your arrangement and create a page to document Halloween 2011.

Halloween 2011 digital scrapbook page and list of digital supplies in my Oscraps Gallery

Option: For a more playful look use orange pumpkins and decorate with colorful Halloween designs, or mix both the white and the orange pumpkins. There are no rules. Have fun and Happy Halloween! 

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  1. this is an absolutely awesome post Chris, if only we had Halloween in NZ I would be jumping on the bandwagon!