Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scrapbooking Fall Color

Pretty as a Painter's Palette

I created this page for an article at Get It Scrapped Scrapbooking Orchards, Pumpkin Patches and other Outdoor Fall Venues

Pretty as a Painter's Palette: The changing colors of the leaves in Fall is my favorite time of year…as pretty as a painter’s palette.  For a wonderful treat we visit our local winery for a view of the glorious array of color on the vines and the beautiful hues of the Boston Ivy.

I used a template to blend the two photos of the vineyard and the Boston Ivy, two of my favorite Fall color choices. I added the paintbrush (an image from public domain art) and paint elements from Anna Aspnes to support the theme of a Fall painter’s palette. 

Supplies: Anna Aspnes Designs: ArtsyLayered Template No. 39, ArtPlay Palette Seafoam (background paper), ArtPlay Palette Viaggio (ppr blended with AP Seafoam, ribbon, overlay), ScriptTease Fall No. 2, WarmGlows No. 1, White Paint (recolored), SprayPaint No.1, WordBlendz Fall No. 1. KittyDesigns: Touch of Magic Sweet Awaits (sparkle brush). Maya De Groot: Midsummer Night’s Dream (ribbon). Font: soymilk

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Combining iPhoneography with Photoshop for Digital Scrapbooking

Skyline Magic

I find myself relying more and more on taking and processing photos with my iphone and/or ipad.  I’ve also been experimenting with a more abstract look achieved with the apps SlowShutter Cam and Decim8 (thanks to the help of friends on Instagram). I can post my photos to Instagram and then use them on my scrapbook pages adding further elements with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Here’s a quick tutorial on a page I recently completed with a photo I took while driving across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I was wishing the bridge cables weren’t obstructing my view, but it turns out they added a nice graphic element to the photo’s composition.  

These are the apps I used:
Slow Shutter CamGyro CropperSquareadyDecim8. Always remember to save your photo to your camera roll after you complete each step.

iPhoneography App steps for creating photo:
1. I took this photo through the car window in Slow Shutter Cam (for blurred effect). I also like the added effect of the bridge cabes. I just started using this app and, with practice, found the instructions and options fairly easy to understand. Save to camera roll.

2. Crop the photo into a horizontal shape in Gyro Cropper. I wanted a horizontal design of the city's skyline. Save to camera roll.

3. Square up in Squaready and save to camera roll.

4. Abstract the image in Decim8 (I used the effect: Doctor Ocular) and save to your camera roll.

PS/PSE steps for creating digital scrapbook page with abstract photo (all elements from Anna Aspnes Designs):
1. add background paper (I used a textured paper from ArtPlay Palette Authentic)
2. place 12x12 photo over background paper in Multiply blend for increased dimension and color. I duplicated the photo at 50% opacity for further depth.

3. To keep the focus on the horizon I added the following elements from ArtPlay Palette Socialize to the skyline: artstroke, tag, stars, word label, word transfer, button, painted edge overlay.

4. To complete the page I added a dotted brush from Anna’s Different Strokes No. 7, light glows from Warm Glows No. 3 and an overlay from ArtPlay Palette Viaggio.
5. Title font, tag font: Arsenale White.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scrapbooking Ideas from Get It Scrapped

Ideas for Oversized Embellishments

Check out ideas from Get It Scrapped for GOING BIG with embellishments. 

For my page, Sunny with a chance of showers, I anchored the photo with a large flower. The flower with its branches breaks up the rigid lines of the photo frame. To further support the framed photo, I added oversized tape to the right side and layered the title on top of the tape. I completed the page by adding soft color glows and brushes to compliment the pink hues of the sweet pea branch and to add to the vintage feel.

Supplies: Anna Aspnes Designs: ArtPlay Palette Cuisine, ArtPlay Palette Genuine, ArtPlay Saffron Villa, ArtPlay Palette Sweet Pea, AntiquatedFrame No.1, ArtPlay Palette Gather, WaterColor FotoBlendz No.1, ArtPlay Palette Bask, ArtPlay Palette Blossom, Textured Overlays No.7, MultiMedia Leaves No.1, WarmGlows1, NakedTape;  KittyDesigns:Touch of Magic (Sweet Awaits); Font: Remington Typewriter

Ideas for Scrapbooking Outdoor Travel and Outings

Check out ideas from Get It Scrapped for Outdoor Travel

Bridal Veil Falls: This is a photo of our son, many years ago, standing at the base of Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite. He looks so tiny against the huge rocks and massive waterfall. The sunlight played beautifully with the colors around him, but I helped nature a bit by adding some Warm and Cool Glows by Anna Aspnes.

Supplies by Anna Aspnes DesignsArtPlay Palette Easter Chicks (bg paper), WarmGlows No.1, WarmGlows No.3, CoolGlows No.1, ArtPlay Palette SaltyLiving (transfer), ArtPlay Palette Seafoam (brush), Original FotoBlendz No.13, MagicSprinklez No.1, DrippedStains No.5, TexturedOverlays No.7, 12×12 EdgeOverlays No.6, Different Strokes No.8, ArtPlay Palette No.1 (button); Fonts: Veteran’s Typewriter, Arsenale White