Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scrapbooking Ideas from Get It Scrapped

Ideas for Oversized Embellishments

Check out ideas from Get It Scrapped for GOING BIG with embellishments. 

For my page, Sunny with a chance of showers, I anchored the photo with a large flower. The flower with its branches breaks up the rigid lines of the photo frame. To further support the framed photo, I added oversized tape to the right side and layered the title on top of the tape. I completed the page by adding soft color glows and brushes to compliment the pink hues of the sweet pea branch and to add to the vintage feel.

Supplies: Anna Aspnes Designs: ArtPlay Palette Cuisine, ArtPlay Palette Genuine, ArtPlay Saffron Villa, ArtPlay Palette Sweet Pea, AntiquatedFrame No.1, ArtPlay Palette Gather, WaterColor FotoBlendz No.1, ArtPlay Palette Bask, ArtPlay Palette Blossom, Textured Overlays No.7, MultiMedia Leaves No.1, WarmGlows1, NakedTape;  KittyDesigns:Touch of Magic (Sweet Awaits); Font: Remington Typewriter

Ideas for Scrapbooking Outdoor Travel and Outings

Check out ideas from Get It Scrapped for Outdoor Travel

Bridal Veil Falls: This is a photo of our son, many years ago, standing at the base of Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite. He looks so tiny against the huge rocks and massive waterfall. The sunlight played beautifully with the colors around him, but I helped nature a bit by adding some Warm and Cool Glows by Anna Aspnes.

Supplies by Anna Aspnes DesignsArtPlay Palette Easter Chicks (bg paper), WarmGlows No.1, WarmGlows No.3, CoolGlows No.1, ArtPlay Palette SaltyLiving (transfer), ArtPlay Palette Seafoam (brush), Original FotoBlendz No.13, MagicSprinklez No.1, DrippedStains No.5, TexturedOverlays No.7, 12×12 EdgeOverlays No.6, Different Strokes No.8, ArtPlay Palette No.1 (button); Fonts: Veteran’s Typewriter, Arsenale White

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